RCA YouTube Giveaway – Celebrating 50K Subscribers!

We are very happy to say that the Remote Chess Academy YouTube Channel has got more than 50,000 subscribers – this is a huge milestone for us! Thanks to all for your support; it definitely wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you. But we don’t want to end this just by saying ‘thank you’.

The RCA YouTube Channel was started in the year 2012. Today, it has got more than 51K subscribers and 6 million views! And we want to celebrate this achievement with you, who made this possible! We are conducting a giveaway on our YouTube channel, where you get a chance to win an RCA chess course! 😊


Step-1️) The Giveaway is only for the RCA YouTube Channel subscribers 🔔 – therefore, make sure you subscribe to our channel!
Step-2) 👇 Comment below this video anything about chess – your thoughts about the game, why you love it, your favourite chess grandmaster(s), your favourite chess opening(s), your favourite tactics and even your favourite RCA chess course(s) or guest author(s) – and whatnot!

And you are done! 😊

💡 BONUS: You can also follow us on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/remotechessacademy/ for an additional entry, which will increase your chances in winning the Giveaway. In this case, you will have to mention your Instagram ID/handle name in your comment below the Giveaway video (mentioned in step-2).

⏲️ DEADLINE: The last date to participate is Monday, 30 September! Any comment posted after this date will not be considered.


There will be 28 winners for the Giveaway. Out of all the comments below the video, 28 comments will be picked out completely RANDOMLY – so, all the participants have an equal chance to win the Giveaway.

Each and every winner of the Giveaway will get an RCA chess course completely FREE! 🎁 The total prize is worth about a massive $2500 USD!

We will reply to the winners’ comments for the Giveaway video to inform that they have won and to give the prize.

Find the complete list of RCA courses (28 courses for 28 winners) which will be given as prizes for the Giveaway in this blog-post – http://bit.ly/2kYqhTP

UPDATE (Winners chosen):The giveaway has ended and the winners were chosen – http://bit.ly/2kYqhTP

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