Richard Rapport beats Magnus Carlsen in the Double Fianchetto System

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This is the tenth chapter from this course “Double Fianchetto System”, where GM Sipke Ernst explains how Richard Rapport defeated the world champion Magnus Carlsen at the Tata Steel Masters (2017) using the double fianchetto system.

🤔 Why this course? 👇

This is a highly flexible system with almost ZERO theory that allows you to easily learn the PLANS of elite GMs to gain an easy advantage! Learn a solid system WITHOUT having to memorize long lines but based on general understanding that generally offers:

* A safer king, protected by the fianchettoed bishop on g2
* Attacking opportunities, with the dark-squared bishop on the a1-h8 diagonal

🤔 What can you learn from the course? 👇

This course teaches you a system for White, where you simply fianchetto both bishops, and then follow the blueprints of guys like Vlad Kramnik to crush your opponents without having to learn a single complicated theoretical line!

♝ Study the complete course “Double Fianchetto System” by GM Sipke Ernst. Get 50% OFF (valid only till 20 December) –

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