Rook Endgames – Importance of Activity & Pawn Structures

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What is the most important factor in rook endgames? How should you play in rook endgames when you and your opponent have one rook each? And how should you play when you both have a pair of rooks? Is it just about the activity of the rooks – occupying open files, seventh rank, etc.? Or does the pawn structure matter as well?

In this video lesson, the RCA guest coach IM Mateusz Kolosowski will show you a game played between the Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian and Francisco Vallejo Pons in the Chess Olympiad 2012. IM Mat will teach you how to evaluate a position in the rook endgames and find the best moves.

He will explain about the two most important factors in a rook endgame: 1. The activity of the rook(s), and 2. Pawn structure. He further explains how different pawn structures (backward pawn, connected pawns, and isolated pawn) will impact the evaluation of the position. You will learn the best squares to place your rooks, whether in front of the pawn or behind the pawn, and how to created passed pawns.

♜ Study the complete course “Top Secrets in Rook Endgames” –

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