Rook Endgames – Importance of King Safety

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What is the most important factor in rook endgames? How should you play in rook endgames when you and your opponent have one rook each? And how should you play when you both have a pair of rooks? Is it just about the activity of the rooks – occupying open files, seventh rank, etc.? Or does the pawn structure, king safety, and other elements matter as well?

In this video lesson, the RCA guest coach IM Mateusz Kolosowski will explain to you the importance of king safety and the activity of the king in a rook endgame. We all know that we should bring out our king and keep it active in the endgame, but often most chess players forget this.

IM Mat will show a couple of games, one of which is played by one of the strongest women grandmasters ever, Judit Polgar. He explains how to play actively when your opponent attacks your king, instead of playing passive, defensive moves. In the second examples, he explains how failing to safeguard the king (especially in the backrank) can lead to checkmate quickly.

♜ Study the complete course “Top Secrets in Rook Endgames” –

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