Rook Endgames: Philidor and Luceana Positions

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The Rook and Pawn vs Rook Endgame is one of the most important endgames that every chess player must know. The smallest difference in material, a pawn, between the two sides determines the result of the game – win for the player with the pawn by means of promotion, and draw for the player without the pawn, stopping the prevention of the opponent’s pawn by means of perpetual checks and cutting off the king.

The basic rule (in most cases) is that if the player without the pawn can make his king reach the queening square of the pawn, the result is draw, otherwise the player with the pawn wins the game.

The Luceana Position is ‘used’ by the player with the pawn to win the game, and the Philidor Position is ‘used’ by the player without the pawn to draw the game. In this video lesson, CM Tryfon Gavriel explains the two endgame positions and the idea of buliding the bridge (bridge building) beautifully.

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