@samayraina Crashed Arena Kings Opener!!

Arena Kings opens with a new season and had to restart because @Samay Raina is such a boss that his viewer arena crashed chess.com’s servers. Samay Raina is a legend.

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Notable Timestamps:
00:00 Hikaru gets Salty Intro 😱
01:11 Andreikin vs Hikaru
06:29 Hikaru vs Jospem
14:19 IM Minh Le vs Hikaru
32:07 Hikaru vs IM Minh Le redux
45:38 Jospem vs Hikaru
1:09:37 RobertoJBM vs Hikaru
1:24:08 IM Minh Le vs Hikaru, Part III

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Unleashing Unconscious Mind Power – Part Two

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Unleashing Unconscious Mind Power – Part One

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