SHOCKING: White’s First 17 Moves Are All Pawn Moves!

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We’re all taught about the basic chess opening principles that we have to move our (central) pawns, develop the knights, and then the bishop, and then castle the king, and so on. On the contrary, there are players who don’t follow those principles and play some crazy opening moves, and they end up losing usually. But, in this video you will see a game which was won in this scenario.

Who’s that player? Well, he is Emil Josef Diemer, a German chess master. He was born in 1908 in the German town Radolfzell, in Baden. In 1931, he was out of work and joined the German Nazi party, where he became an active member. He was present at all important international chess events, and became the “chess reporter of the Great German Reich”: his articles appeared in Nazi publications. In 1942-1943, he played correspondence and tournament games with Klaus Junge.

So what’s special about this game that we’re talking about? Guess what, he didn’t develop a single piece until move 18. Yes, all the first 17 moves that he had played were all pawn moves. No, I’m not kidding! Oh yes, the result of the game? Well, he won! 😊 In a way, it seems legit because after the first 17 moves, he had one pawn on the 6th rank and four pawns on the 5th rank.

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