Son of Sorrow – Tournament game analysis from the Icelandic league

This past weekend I played four games in the Icelandic league. Classical game time control, first classical games in over a year!

This first game was against fellow FIDE master Halldor Gretar Einarsson. I put up a video about preparing for the game, you can check that out right here:


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Psychology and the Methodology of Curing the Mind

The theory of Psychology has ended up being widely approved as the study and also recognizing the mind. One requires to ask ourselves if there is a difference between the mind and also the brain. It is commonly claimed that people ought to comprise their mind or that individuals have mind collections. What is understood by the term mind established? Do we really recognize the meaning? Allow us try and decipher the meaning and also understand what we are actually speaking about.

How to Apply Personal Development Skills in Business

If you are a businessperson, you may assume that the business world is all there is. You breathe, consume, and also drink service.

Are You Easily Led? Emotional Intelligence

Let’s place this an additional way – A. Does your mood go up as well as down with the moods of the people in your life? B. Or are you in control of your mood independently of that you’re with?

Power of the Subconscious Mind – How to Unlock the Hidden Power

There is a thing as power of the subconscious mind. If in any way you remain in the dark regarding it, you are truthfully missing out on out on the active ingredient to effective life. This write-up will certainly let you recognize how to unlock this power in you.

Mind Power Techniques – 3 Most Powerful Techniques to Energize Your Mind

A whole lot of people are interested in mind power strategies. You need to not be excluded of this also.

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