Alexandra provided commentary and analysis on Andrea’s online blitz games. While Andrea was getting decent positions, she kept making the same mistake: poor time management. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, if you’d like to see a more detailed video on common tips and tricks for blitz/bullet chess!
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Middle Path – The Goal of Enlightenment

Center path is a frame of mind, not a location. It is accomplished only when all sense of duality reasoning, the black and also white thinking procedure that produces “otherness” is gotten rid of. This post explains the judgment as well as conflict that emerges from duality reasoning when our primitive vanity urges on being right.

How to Do Mentalism – Some Easy Ways to Start Being a Mentalist

Mentalism is an art of precognition and mind analysis. As an art, you need to understand it through method. The mind ought to do the “method.”

The Spirit of Play – Let’s Play the Game of Life!

What are you doing to stop the circulation of abundance into your life? How playing the game of life can make problems a lot more flexible?

Mindset – A Full Body Workout

There are different means to come across money. You can win on Lottery as well as instantly be in a position of a millionaire. Misfortune! In order to end up being a leader and create wide range, you need to do some job.

Positive Thinking and Building Thinking Skills

Do you wish to construct your thinking abilities? Right here are a couple of tips on exactly how to do that.

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