a foundation for beginners fifty nine

A Foundation for Beginners Fifty Nine

Last week, we worked through a position in which it was Black’s turn to move. This week, we’ll look at the same position, but this time it’s White to move….



Some of you may be aware that underpromotions to bishops have been in the news recently. These are popular with endgame study and problem composers but are very rare over…

a foundation for beginners fifty eight

A Foundation for Beginners Fifty Eight

We’ve spent the last few months examining how you should go about selecting a move and some basic tactical ideas. While I didn’t introduce you to every tactic you need…

master chess web show 10

Master Chess Web Show (10)

This week’s show featured someone we would have liked to interview, Wilhelm Steinitz. A great chess innovator, Steinitz was also a great tactician who won some truly brilliant games, and…

pushing passed pawns

Pushing Passed Pawns

While researching GE Wainwright I came across this game concluding wit a sharp rook ending in which he, on two occasions, played a move converting a win into a loss….

a foundation for beginners fifty seven

A Foundation for Beginners Fifty Seven

This week, we are going to wrap up the last six weeks of work on tactics. I’m actually spreading out the end of this part of our middle-game studies through…

master chess web show 9

Master Chess Web Show (9)

For this week’s show we managed to arrange another special guest, the British chess legend Raymond Keene. Besides being a Grandmaster, Keene was awarded an OBE by the Queen herself….

four knights fiasco

Four Knights Fiasco

How would you assess this position, with Black to move? Perhaps you think White can look forward to playing on the f-file against Black’s doubled pawns, with moves like Bc4…

master chess web show 8

Master Chess Web Show (8)

This week’s episode of the Master Chess Web Show featured an interview with GM Jon Levitt, who these days makes a living on what might be described as ‘cricket arbitrage’….

logical chess 4

Logical Chess (4)

Game 32 of Chernev’s Logical Chess Move by Move, Canal – Capablanca Budapest 1929, is a strange one. A classic example, I think, of annotation by result and reputation. We’ll…