7 most important middlegame principles

7 Most Important Middlegame Principles

Most chess players have a general idea of how to play the opening. However, they have problems understanding the middle-game strategies because it is not very straightforward and does not…

chess masters guide to improve your tactics

Chess Master’s Guide to Improve Your Tactics

In this article, we will present you with a definitive guide in order to improve your tactics. Improving one’s tactics is the most important piece of guidance that a master…

7 reasons to learn how to counterattack in chess

7 Reasons to Learn How to Counterattack in Chess

Counterattack in chess is a concept that is underestimated or oblivious to many club players and obvious to Master level players. There are two scenarios where we get the opportunity…

is this the end of an era for magnus carlsen

Is this the End of an Era for Magnus Carlsen?

Is this the End of an Era for Magnus Carlsen? Analyzing his recent tournament performance and its implications for his career and the chess community.

from material advantage to mistakes examining a chess game

From Material Advantage to Mistakes: Examining a Chess Game

From Material Advantage to Mistakes: Examining a Chess Game – Explore brilliant moves and mistakes in chess. Learn how to maintain an advantage and avoid critical errors. Watch now!

banned for cheating in chess

Banned for CHEATING in Chess

Banned for CHEATING in Chess: Watch as GothamChess captures the shocking moment a player gets caught cheating mid-game and subsequently banned. Learn about the impact, consequences, and prevention of cheating in chess. Don’t miss out on this cautionary and eye-opening video!

the family fork a strategic move in chess

The Family Fork: A Strategic Move in Chess

Learn the strategic move in chess called the Family Fork. Narrow your focus onto the weakest squares in your opponent’s position for a winning advantage. Watch this video by GothamChess to master the technique.

the queens gambit a thrilling chess showdown

The Queen’s Gambit: A Thrilling Chess Showdown

Discover the thrilling chess showdown in “The Queen’s Gambit,” a captivating series that follows the journey of a young prodigy defying gender barriers. Experience heart-stopping matches and complex characters in this mesmerizing show.

chess 20 a fresh approach to the traditional game

Chess 2.0: A Fresh Approach to the Traditional Game

Play Chess 2.0, an innovative version of the traditional game, infused with new elements and rules to make it more strategic and exhilarating. Discover various gameplay variants and options, new pieces, and special abilities that add excitement and depth. Experience Chess 2.0 – a fresh approach to a timeless game.

gothamchess in the bathroom

GothamChess: In the Bathroom

Looking for entertaining and informative chess content? Check out GothamChess’s YouTube channel! Dive into the fascinating world of chess in the bathroom with witty commentary and engaging anecdotes. You won’t be disappointed!