your winning rook endgame strategy

Your Winning Rook Endgame Strategy

Every beginner needs an endgame chess strategy when it comes to rook endgames. Theoretical endgames are a good starting point when it comes to learning an endgame strategy for beginners….

understanding the kings role in chess

Understanding the King’s Role in Chess

The king’s role in chess changes as the game progresses. One thing that never changes is that king safety is your number 1 priority in a chess game. Remember, “Checkmate…

the reti opening the ultimate chess opening guide

The Reti Opening: The Ultimate Chess Opening Guide

What Is The Reti Opening? a chess opening for White characterized by the move 1.Nf3 named after the Czechoslovakian Grandmaster Richard Réti first played in the 1920s (including Réti’s famous…

how to get better positions in chess

How to Get Better Positions in Chess

You won’t always get favorable positions in chess, so it makes a lot of sense to learn how to get the best out of every position. The stronger you are…

7 most famous chess games move by move

7 Most Famous Chess Games – Move-By-Move

It is always a great source of inspiration to see some of the most famous chess games from the world’s strongest chess players throughout history. If you want to get…

the no sweat approach to defeating the queens gambit declined 5 bf4

The No Sweat Approach to Defeating the Queen’s Gambit Declined 5.Bf4

When you learn how to play the Queen’s Gambit Declined with Black, you will need to know how to meet 5.Bf4. This is White’s main alternative to 5.Bg5 and can…

defeat 1 d4 now with the chigorin defense 2nc6

Defeat 1.d4 Now With the Chigorin Defense (2…Nc6!)

Active piece play, easy development, and chances to take your opponent by surprise, the Queen’s Gambit Declined Chigorin Defense is an excellent fighting chess opening for Black. Named after the…

learn to find the best chess moves

Learn to Find the Best Chess Moves

Finding the best chess moves to win games is easiest if you approach your positions systematically. Another important quality you need to find the right move is perseverance. As IM…

interview with wesley so and game review from 2009 world cup

Interview with Wesley So and Game Review from 2009 World Cup

About Wesley So In this game Grandmaster Gadir Guseinov places the white pieces against Wesley So with the Black pieces at the 2009 World Cup. Wesley so is a TRUE…

destroy the italian game chess openings for black

Destroy the Italian Game! Chess Openings for Black

Every player who meets 1.e4 with 1…e5 must know how to meet the Italian Game chess opening. This classic chess opening begins with the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4…