max lange attack for white with fm viktor neustroev tcw academy

Max Lange Attack for White with FM Viktor Neustroev [TCW Academy]

Looking for a very sharp opening with White pieces? FM Viktor Neustroev recommends… Max Lange Attack. This is a perfect choice for attacking players that will always keep your opponent…

scandinavian defense with fm viktor neustroev tcw academy

Scandinavian Defense with FM Viktor Neustroev [TCW Academy]

Scandinavian Defense: Need a low-theory, and a simple-to-play response to 1.e4? FM Viktor Neustroev recommends one of the oldest and most well-tested openings… the Scandinavian Defense. Why? First, White has…

tactical 1 e4 why is it perfect for attacking players

Tactical 1.e4: Why is It Perfect for Attacking Players?

Tactical 1.e4: When it comes to building an Opening Repertoire, it is important to consider the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Many people underperform because their openings don’t match their style….

four knights game complete guide

Four Knights Game: Complete Guide

Four Knights Game is one of those openings that are popular at both beginner and grandmaster levels. It has solid positional ground and most of the time leads to calm…

max lange attack complete guide

Max Lange Attack: Complete Guide

Max Lange Attack is a dangerous attacking weapon that White has at their disposal in a number of openings. You can reach the same position from six different move orders…

how to win with black pieces

How to Win with Black Pieces

Win with Black Pieces: The player with the White pieces moves first in chess, which gives them a certain advantage. They can choose what direction the game will take and…

best chess openings complete guide

Best Chess Openings: Complete Guide

Studying openings is one of the most popular activities among chess players. It is reasonable: if you are good at openings, you get a head-start for the middlegames or even…

10 reasons to play sveshnikov sicilian

10 Reasons to Play Sveshnikov Sicilian

Sveshnikov Sicilian: The Sicilian is the most popular answer to 1.e4 and is one of the openings we can find at any level, from club players to the very top….

win with evans gambit with fm viktor neustroev tcw academy

Win with Evans Gambit with FM Viktor Neustroev [TCW Academy]

Here’s a fun fact. Fischer beat Reuben Fine in a friendly game in just 17 moves. Opening used? Evans Gambit. Fine later said Black’s job gets more difficult in this…

queens gambit declined with h6 with fm zaur tekeyev tcw academy

Queen’s Gambit Declined with …h6 with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

Are you looking for a serious upgrade to your anti-1.d4 repertoire? If you play Queen’s Gambit Declined (QGD) with black pieces I have great news for you. FM Zaur Tekeyev…