alfreds double

Alfred’s Double

I’ve recently been researching the Leicester player Alfred Lenton, who shared 3rd place and 2nd place in the 1935 and 1936 British Championships. At the time he was an avid…

classic confusion

Classic Confusion

You’ll recognise this position, I’m sure. If not, then you should certainly read on. At least one book describes this much anthologised position as the most important pawn ending ever….

busch gass gambit

Busch-Gass Gambit

The other day one of my clubmates asked me about the Busch-Gass Gambit, which, I must admit, was a new one on me. There are a few videos around so…

maidenhead trebuchet

Maidenhead Trebuchet

Here’s a question for you. Yes, it’s another pawn ending. White to move: what would you play here? Make your choice before you read on. This position arose in a…

modified rapture

Modified Rapture

It was with a feeling of modified rapture that I greeted the recent news of government funding for chess in England. Increased money for our national teams? Great, as long…

opening selection

Opening Selection

If you had a friend – or a pupil – who was just starting to play competitive chess, what openings would you advise them to play? To the best of…

a new chess club for children

A New Chess Club for Children

48 years ago, my late friend Mike Fox and I were discussing starting a junior chess club. This would become Richmond Junior Chess Club, which is still going strong today,…

half nelson

Half Nelson

Endings with rooks against passed pawns are often exciting and difficult to get right. I chanced upon this game from the first round of the Major Open in Leicester, between…

teachers and learners

Teachers and Learners

Some more fun from the Chess Teachers and Learners Facebook group. It seems like a great idea to have a Facebook group where learners can ask questions and teachers can…

leicester folly

Leicester Folly

As I write this article, the British Championships are taking place at my Alma Mater: De Montfort University, Leicester. It was the City of Leicester Polytechnic when I was there,…