The ERROR of 70% of chess players after 1.e4

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a major FLAW in the opening preparation of most of the White players on amateur level. This happens in the interesting chess opening weapon for Black in the Caro-Kann Defense, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 c6.

Even if you don’t play this opening normally, you will learn a simple setup for Black which is going to work wonders for you! A really cool thing about this variation is that over 300K chess players play the wrong move in the 4th move, after 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3.

You will learn how to punish White for this passive move, exploit their pawn structure, grab their pawns, and get a winning position!

► Chapters

00:00 Big flaw in White’s opening preparation
00:16 Black’s setup that work wonders!
01:03 More aggressive c5
01:32 300K+ players play this wrong move
03:00 Improved version of French Defense 
04:40 Destroying White’s pawn structure
06:09 If White plays dxc5
08:31 Trap-1 White sets for Black
10:03 Trap-2 White sets for Black
10:46 Test for your calculation skills
11:20 Gradually destroying White’s position
12:13 If White plays 3.Nc3

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