The Gold Coins Game! Marshall’s Legendary Queen Sacrifice! Best Chess Moves, Tactics & Ideas to Win

The Gold Coins Game is a famous game of chess played by Stepan Levitsky and Frank Marshall. It was played in Breslau (now Wroclaw city in Poland) on July 20, 1912, during the master’s tournament of the DSB Congress. Legend has it that after Marshall’s winning last move of the game (queen sacrifice), gold coins were tossed onto the board by spectators, although this is contested by other accounts. This game is also known as “American Beauty”.

Levitsky was playing as white & Marshall was playing with the black chess pieces. After the game started with a French Defence, Levitsky made some suboptimal moves, and then a big mistake allowing Marshall to win a piece. Levitsky tried to counterattack, but Marshall’s unexpected winning move (queen sacrifice) put his queen – his most valuable piece – on a square where it could be captured by three of Levitsky’s pieces. After this move, Levitsky resigned. Legend says that this move immediately triggered a shower of gold coins. However, it is unclear whether this is true. Marshall insisted that “the spectators threw gold pieces on the chessboard at the conclusion of his brilliant win over Levitsky”, but Israel Horowitz reported that “Marshall’s wife, Caroline, disclaims even a shower of pennies.” Eric Schiller wrote, “others say they were just paying off their wagers.”

From this fascinating game, you can learn some amazing chess tactics, strategies, tricks, traps, moves & ideas, that you can use to win more games against your friends & other players online. This is one of the best chess games, which every chess player should see! Frank Marshall was famous for his attacking style of play & he used to play some interesting gambits & traps. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle inspired by this game. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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