THE IMMORTAL CHESS GAME | White Sacrifices ALL His Pieces in the King’s Gambit

Here’s a review of The Original Immortal Game of chess played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky on 21 June 1851 in London. This was an informal game played during a break of the first international tournament. Anderssen was playing with the white pieces & Kieseritzky was playing with black pieces. The opening played was the King’s Gambit Accepted line (Bishop’s Gambit). The bold sacrifices made by Anderssen to secure victory made it one of the most famous chess games of all time. Anderssen gave up both rooks and a bishop. Finally, he went for a queen sacrifice, checkmating his opponent with his remaining 3 minor pieces. This game is acclaimed as an exemplar of the romantic style of chess play in the 19th century, where rapid development and attack were considered the most effective way to win, where many gambits and counter-gambits were offered, and accepting them was quite common. This game was nicknamed “The Immortal Game” in 1855 by the Austrian Ernst Falkbeer. By the way, I also have a chess puzzle from one of Vidit Gujrathi’s famous games, let’s see if you can solve that.

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