The importance of endgame principles!

In this blitz game, the very important endgame principle of an outside passed pawn is the absolute game decider!


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Can Specific Words Change Your Body’s Behavior?

Below are strategies that can influence your mind-body-connection. Utilize them to improve your way of life as well as certain behaviors. Power Words are major points.

Training Chess Tactics – Is Visualwize The Best Software For Improving Your Chess Tactical Skills?

Chess is mostly about techniques; therefore boosting your chess methods is essential. Richard Teichmann, a famous German chess master, stated in 1908: “Chess is 99 percent tactics”, and also he was right. Whether you are simply starting out in the interesting video game of chess, or a skilled player, you’ll know that it is essential to make the right actions as well as have exceptional techniques.

Benefits of Buddhist Meditation

In Buddhism, the mind is not thought about a things, rather moments strung with each other in awareness. Reflection is a method of knowing our own mind. The object of Buddhist meditation is training the mind as if we can develop particular qualities, such as love, concern, equanimity, forgiveness, appreciation, as well as kindness.Meditation is a way of learning more about our own minds; the Buddhist path is a process of discovery, the progressive uncovering of our real nature.

What Do You Hear?

Are you using psychological filters? Do you hear what you want to listen to, but leave the fact aside? Beware to pay attention thoroughly as well as attentively– and also without filters– it will identify your future!

Elephant Whispering

A powerful allegory can change the means we believe. That’s been recognized for years – by politicians, religious leaders, artists, advertisers, educators and also more. Below’s an individual example.

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