The London System in action by the London GOD and FFL Gata Kamsky

When thinking of London System heroes, not many come close to Gata Kamsky in the world.

Kamsky was one of the main proponents of the London System before its recent boom which was partly caused by some success that Magnus Carlsen had with the opening in faster-paced games.

Enjoy this crushing win by Gata Kamsky played against Alexey Goganov at the Aeroflot Open in 2016.


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How to Overcome Tunnel Vision

From different viewpoints this might sound like a poor point to have especially when it restricts us from accomplishing success in life. Nevertheless it can also work to our benefit when used correctly. The secret to overcoming one-track mind is in making sure that we have actually made a decision to be in this state ourselves despite all the choices we may have.

Learning Telekinesis – Step 1 – Believing

Forty years back figure skaters were convinced that most tough jump humans can try is a double jump. Nowadays skaters conveniently do 4 revolutions airborne.

Noise Management By The Brain

Why is it we just see the loud blaring of street noise only after stepping right into the silence of a town library? It shows up that our mind does a lot of self-management on our part!

Mind Chatter – How to Gain Control of the Negative Thoughts

Shhh!!! I’m trying to listen to those voices in my head.

Finding Jobs – Your Search Results Unfold According to Your Dominant Thoughts

Life tackles the type of the dominant emotional thought pattern of the person. In reference to discovering work in Kenya, your look for work will certainly unravel in the precise layout of the leading ideas you have regarding finding a job. You can manage that through Mind Proficiency which is a human skill. It is similar to finding out just how to ride a bike or play the guitar. You repeat the actions consistently, until they come to be second nature. After that we say you recognize how to ride a bike or play the guitar.

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