The MOST Dangerous Opening TRAP in the Sicilian Defense

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov is presenting to you the most dangerous chess opening trap in the Sicilian Defense. It is the most popular opening that happens after 1.e4 c5. And here’s the move that almost refutes the Sicilian Defense 2.a3.

It is terrific that such a modest-looking move can be so deadly for Black. And Igor is going to prove to you, statistically, that it is exactly the case. He wanted to dive deeper into this variation because he covered it in his recent video lesson about opening traps for blitz and bullet games, and a lot of you have said in the comments that you have crushed your opponents using this line.

Therefore, in the following video lesson he has covered not only the mainline, but also the possible sidelines so that you can handle them easily.

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