The Queen’s Gambit – Honest Review | Netflix Series | Spoiler-Free Review

Here’s my honest review of the New Netflix Series, The Queen’s Gambit. It has been trending all over the world, but is it really worth a watch? Is it only for chess lovers? Is it just about chess or even non-chess players can watch it? I will answer all these questions in this video. By the way, there are no spoilers, so you need not worry. For those who don’t know, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is a New Netflix Original Limited Series. It’s the story of this introverted prodigy, Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor Joy) who discovers and masters the game of chess in the 1960s in USA. Feel free to add on to the review in the comments below.

6 Reasons to Watch ‘The Queen’s Gambit’:
0:00 Introduction & Setup
1:16 Beth Harmon’s journey
2:12 The Relationships
2:51 The Performances
3:22 Research on Chess
4:04 An Old Era of Chess
5:19 The Drama Element
6:13 Can Non-chess Players Watch This?
7:09 Final Verdict: Should You Watch It?

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