The Rambling Rook (2)

Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man
Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can
And when it’s time for leavin’
I hope you’ll understand
That I was born a ramblin’ man
The Allman Brothers Band

The rook endgames are the ultimate test of chess knowledge. They appear on the chessboard very often, and are a gold mine of resources. Take a look at the following example. Black missed an interesting winning idea that is worth to remember. Please replay the variation. Next try to figure out why the game ended as a draw.

Based on the move Black missed, White’s saving grace is to attack Kg6. This combines the simple idea of obtaining a perpetual, with the one from the title of this article. The definition of a rambling rook might sound like this:
A defensive method whereby a Rook constantly keeps checking itself to the King, while capturing it would cause stalemate.
I guess this game serves as proof that we need to consider it the same way we do with the control of the 7th rank or others. The drawish idea is worth remembering.

Eugen Demian

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Valer Eugen Demian

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