The Secrets of Winning with 1.e4 (Opening strategy explained)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be sharing with you the strategies for winning after the White’s first move 1.e4. He will show you a couple of interesting opening lines, but even more so, he will give you general guidelines that you can follow in case you’re unaware of a certain opening line or forgot it; you can still follow these crucial strategies to win your games.

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There’s a famous quote by Bobby Fischer “All that matters on the chessboard is good moves”. Although that’s true, the important question is: how do you find good moves? There’s great pressure on a chess player. One mistake could make you lose the game on the spot. Success or failure, death, or glory… it all rests on the decision you make now. Better make it a good one.

Drawing on years of experienced coaching club players (1600-2300 ELO), Davorin has identified the 9 types of decisions that players have to make in real games.

He explains the errors in thinking that lead to mistakes at these critical junctures… and gives you easy-to-follow processes for getting them right.

💡 Study the complete course “Improve Your Decision Making”. Use coupon “idm50” and get 50% OFF (till 20 April ONLY) –

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How It Pays to Be Humble

Humility is something that can frequently be misunderstood for weak point. In the rat race for success in our society today being simple counts for really little. Our world motivates us to flaunt our success, our placement and power for it to reward us. Nevertheless the truth continues to be that our benefits are higher when we show humility rather than pompousness.

How to Improve Concentration

The more we worry and also stress, the poorer our focus, shot-term memory as well as emphasis. Why does this happen? Anger, worry, worry, stress and anxiety, clinical depression as well as anxiety trigger the mind to downshift into the a lot more primitive survival centre of the mind.

iMindMap – Let’s Get A Bit Fluffy For a Moment

iMindMap is an item of Mind Map software that functions truly well since it is making use of Mind Mapping. Here we obtain a little bit cosy about the workings of the mind before we discuss why using iMindMap is such an important thing for your mind’s development.

New Mind – Open Mind

Can we compare what is in fact new and also what is actually old worked off as new? Words new methods something that has actually “not been before.” The new consciousness has not been previously, and also it takes visibility to see as well as experience it. Do you have an open mind?

Hindsight – Powerful Tool

The axiom, ‘Hindsight is twenty-twenty,’ advises us that when we look back in our life we can see with even more quality. Hindsight has clarity since we can now see things from a different perspective as we draw from the shifts that created the existing moment. Hindsight when acted upon guides our direction in the moment.

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