The Trompowsky Attack Played by Julian Hodgson

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The Trompowsky Attack begins with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5, and it is a popular alternative for White after Black’s 1…Nf6. So, it is kind of a side-line which can be used from time to time, especially in rapid and blitz games.

One of the key characteristics of this opening is that it avoids getting into the ocean of opening theories in the various Indian defenses – Queen’s Indian, Nimzo-Indian, King’s Indian, and even the Grunfeld Defense.

In this video, RCA guest coach Manuel Ocantos will explain this opening with a couple of examples – games played by the famous Julian Hodgson, who is known for his attacking style and quick wins. The Trompowsky Attack was his common choice of opening. Watch and enjoy these attacking games!

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