The Truth about Draws in Chess – A deep dive down the rabbit hole of Grandmaster Draws

Following the mixed emotions that the Double BongCloud draw of Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura produced I decided to dive a little deeper into the world of draws in chess.

The draw has always been a part of chess and so have short draws, repetition draws, prearranged draws and even stalemate draws.

In this video, you’ll find many spectacular ways in which Grandmasters pretend to play games, or sometimes they actually play them and produce these draws!

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Carlsen vs Nakamura Double BongCloud
03:30 The Current SuperGM “Stock-Draw” in Berlin
06:00 Why the short draws?
08:44 King of dull draws – Exchange French
10:30 Stock “Nobody wants to play” Draw – Exchange Slav
11:44 Berlin Wall short draws
12:13 Symmetrical English draw line
14:05 Ruy Lopez Zaitsev, King of repetition draws
16:53 Sveshnikov repetition line
17:51 Ruy Lopez exchange, Queen sac repetition
19:40 The Pirc draw
21:37 QGA Queen sac repetition
23:05 The Greek connection
24:09 Italian game repetition
25:00 Najdorf poisoned pawn repetition
26:29 Alekhine piece sacrifice
27:40 Old Indian repetition
28:35 Ragozin draw
29:25 Slav piece sacrifice line
30:13 Vienna weird repetition
31:40 Riga variation of Ruy Lopez
32:22 King’s Indian exd4 repetition
33:50 The Hubner-Rogoff draw
35:53 Fastest stalemate draw
36:55 The Immortal Draw
39:39 Emory Tate’s Amazing Draw line
42:55 Final words


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