This video will change the way YOU think about Piece EXCHANGES!

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Pieces exchanges in chess are more crucial than you think. In some cases, it can even cost you a game! In this video lesson, IM Asaf Givon gives you a couple of examples, one from a Grandmaster’s game, explaining how a bad exchange of pieces could be extremely bad to your position. Getting a strategically losing position after some bad piece exchanges can be even more painful than a position in which you are down in material, say a pawn or even a piece down.

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Issues Related to Psychological Well Being

Psychological health is extremely crucial to live a delighted life. Many elements contribute towards emotional well being and one have to comply with these variables to live a healthy and balanced life.

Have You Been Playing the Victim Role?

Nobody is mosting likely to pay to see us play the sufferer role on the globe phase today. Several of us require to stop complaining and also criticizing and proceed with the fine art of living.

The Right Focus

This write-up is really personal for me since there have actually been times in my life where I needed to rest and think regarding what was really important to me. I involved a location that a whole lot of individuals have actually come called a byroad. My intersection was not more significant that anyone else’s but my choice appeared like it was so tough for to make but when I stopped to think of the points that really mattered I was able to make a reasonable decision as well as I went with it.

IQ Interpretation Controversy

INTELLIGENCE analysis is based on the score of a recognized INTELLIGENCE test, generally provided by a psychologist or other expert. Today, there is a controversy over INTELLIGENCE interpretation as well as what the scores mean.

3 Ways To Increase Your Mind Power

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