Titled Tuesday. Cow Opening EVERY Game. Shocking Result.

I promised @AnnaCramling to play the Cow Opening in every game in Titled Tuesday. In this video, I deliver on that promise and surprised myself with the end result. Every game is timestamped below!

0:00 Say hi to Roxie!
0:20 Why I’m doing this
2:07 What is the Cow Opening?
3:30 COW vs FM Alain Prieto (Cow vs Hippo)
11:56 COW vs GM Maxim Matlakov (How a GM deals with BS)
21:02 COW vs NM Nicholas Ladan (So many MOOOOVES)
31:59 COW vs FM Alejandro Uzcategui (UDDERLY TOO STRONG)
39:10 COW vs FM Carlos Morales (Turning into a BULL)
47:28 COW vs IM Tennis Martinez (Epic COWNTERPLAY)
56:00 COW vs IM Rudik Makarian (Don’t HERD me)
1:05:45 COW vs GM Alex Rustemov (Milking a Grandmaster)
1:19:00 COW vs GM Gata Kamsky (Starting a BEEF with a famous legend)
1:27:12 COW vs IM Richard Polaczek (holy cow)
1:37:24 COW vs NM Geordie Derraugh (It aint over til the cows come home)

GM Kamsky clip credit: https://www.twitch.tv/igmgatakamsky

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