Top 32 Checkmates You Must Know | Basic Mating Patterns, Chess Tactics, Moves & Ideas to Win

Here are the Top 32 Checkmates every chess player must know. It’s important in chess to recognize common checkmate patterns as they can occur often. In this video, we will see 32 typical checkmates that you definitely should be on the lookout for to help you win more games. These mating patterns, moves, tactics and ideas will help you find them in your games & recognize them on the chessboard, which in turn will increase your winning chances. These are like the chess basics for beginners, but these will also be helpful for anyone, even if you are an intermediate or an advanced chess player. These examples will also help you in improving your tactics & give you some new ideas to trap your friends & opponents. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Checkmate Patterns Covered:
0:00 Typical Checkmate Patterns – Introduction
0:23 Anastasia’s Mate
1:04 Hook Mate
1:54 Arabian Mate
2:40 Corner Mate
3:12 Vukovic Mate
3:49 Opera Mate
4:46 Reti’s Mate
5:35 Morphy’s Mate
6:30 Pillsbury’s Mate
7:20 Swallow’s Tail Mate / Guéridon Mate
7:41 Kill Box Mate
7:54 Triangle Mate
8:16 Back-rank Checkmate
8:57 Blind swine Mate
9:22 Smothered Mate
10:13 Suffocation Mate
11:20 Anderssen’s Mate / Mayet’s Mate
11:53 Pawn Mate / David & Goliath Mate
12:30 Dovetail Mate / Cozio Mate
13:25 Damiano’s Mate
14:10 Lolli’s Mate
14:56 Epaulette Mate
15:13 Greco’s Mate
15:51 Max Lange’s Mate
16:37 Double bishop Mate
16:56 Boden’s Mate
17:24 Balestra Mate
17:40 Blackburne’s Mate
17:54 Corridor Mate
18:24 Fool’s Mate / 2 Move Checkmate
18:40 Scholar’s Mate / 4 Move Checkmate
19:07 Legal’s Mate
19:24 Chess Puzzle: Find the Pattern

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