Trying to squeeze the endgame using a “fawn pawn”

White doesn’t play in the most ambitious way vs out Leningrad Dutch setup. We trade Queens and I try to squeeze out what I can in the endgame.


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What Makes You a Good Leader?

Indicators that you can be a good leader are numerous and also varied. Maybe in your office, there appear to be whole lots of people running round looking hectic however absolutely nothing in fact ever gets done?

Real Happiness Is Born Within

Life isn’t constantly wonderful, and it constantly appears to be the method that when I’m feeling a bit down, or over laden with issues I appear to see individuals anywhere, whether on tv or in my life that are appreciating amazing met lives. I can not help however assume ‘how come they’re so delighted? Why are they so happy, always laughing and also kidding around, just how do they do it despite the fact that they undergo the exact same stresses and also pressures of life that we all are?

Become a ‘People Person’

You may recognize somebody that is close friends with everyone, an all round good egg, whom everybody adores? He will certainly be the one that can promptly appeal a whole area of complete strangers with his all-natural pleasantness as well as personal appeal.

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Change Your Outlook for the Better

Frederick Langbridge, an English Author as well as Poet who was educated at Oxford University, is popular for the adhering to quote. “2 guys watch out through the very same bars: One sees the mud, as well as one sees the stars.”

Impossible? Nothing Is Impossible

Who hasn’t, when they were youngsters, fantasized of being ‘somebody’, maybe you still do? The ‘somebody’ will vary from one person to another, but possibly somebody well-known, someone rich, a sporting activities character possibly? And even the King or Queen of England? As well as what regarding our individual lives, I anticipate you’ve imagined locating the love of your life, being swept off your feet (ok, maybe that’s just for the women!), and living delighted ever after?

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