Two Chess Hustlers Swindle Hikaru

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Hikaru gets blindsided by the legendary NM John Brooks and Coach Dominic “The Kid” during his visit to Monroe Street Midway in beautiful downtown Detroit.

0:00 Introduction to NM John Brooks
0:23 Sponsored By Raid: Shadow Legends
2:12 Detroit vs Hikaru Series Intro
3:02 NM John Brooks vs GM Hikaru Nakamura
6:59 Coach Dominic “The Kid” vs GM Hikaru Nakamura
11:30 Outro

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Mindset, Basketball, and Cars

Just half method via a video clip I am watching with Tony Robbins. I have to stop to create what much more I have found out, and most notably confirmed in my mind: Your Ideas as well as Frame of mind is one of the most crucial thing in your life.

Power of the Subconscious Mind in Adverse Times

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Destroy Negative Thinking Patterns & Become More Confident and Powerful Overnight

The question is how do you manage this negative attitude? The answer is basic! You choose that rather than sensation like a co-pilot in your mind you take the pilot’s seat and realize that you and also only you, control your thoughts. It is one of the most simple thing in life.

Ultimate Mind Power – How Mind Power Can Help Get Rid of Headaches

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Do You Want to Improve the Quality of Your Ideas?

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