Under 1600 Rating? Watch This! [Tips to Improve in Chess]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov answers one of the most common questions asked by his students: how to break 1600 rating/ELO in chess?

Many chess players have been playing chess for months or even for years, and are stuck at some level without being able to breakthrough and progress further. They are stuck at a particular rating level because of one major reason. What is it? Watch the video and find out.

► Chapters

00:00 How to reach 1600 rating in chess?
00:10 Reason why most chess players don’t improve
00:54 2 types of blunders in chess
01:22 Type-1: Hangs a piece or overlooks threats/checkmate
01:57 Type-2: Tactical blunder
03:54 If you say “But such blunders don’t happen in my games..”
05:52 How to stop making blunders in chess?
06:22 1) Think about your opponent’s plan(s)
06:59 2) Ask “Is my move safe?” (anti-blunder check)
07:48 Consciously practice this new skill
09:00 Test your skills: how would you play?

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