Welcome to “Age Of Caissa” || A Post-Apocalyptic World Ruled by Chess-Playing Robots

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Finally – it’s here – Chess manga – Age of Caissa. Over a year in prep, this was a huge creative effort of a small but focused team of artists, writers, scientists, philosophers (yes, really) and what we end up with is not just a manga (available free online or bought and shipped) but a vast, fully-fledged world – set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian age, where the world is ruled by chess-playing robots and – well, let us not spoil it. Launching with my new website, you will find there not just the manga but also concept art, short stories, and other material from this universe. I’m sure anyone with any interest in chess – or AI, philosophy of mind, computability, graphic novels or hard sci-fi will find this to be an enjoyable read.

Theology And Music – Permissible And Inacceptable

Songs is a subject of discussion amongst numerous colleges of thoughts for quite long times. Individuals have actually supported in favour, and lots of opposed its impacts as well as influence. Scholars, both contemporary and also conventional, have various opinion as well as corroborated accordingly. Modern as well as traditional cultures have a pervasive belief that music stimulates emotions. It is also developed past sensible question that it defocused human intelligence. Theorists and Psychologists think that emotivists hold songs evokes actually emotional reactions in listeners. On the various other hand, cognitivists suggest that music merely expresses or stands for emotions. We require to evaluate the result of songs in its architectural sense as opposed to its industrial aspect.

Learn How to Increase The Brain Power

Self-development plays an essential duty in enhancing your self-esteem as well as will-power, however the root of all joy and also financial safety starts at one area; your mind. I have composed several posts on self-improvement and individual advancement, so, today I am mosting likely to concentrate on how to boost the mind power to make sure that you can become an unstoppable force in your selected ability or occupation. Without mind power, that includes creativity and also creativity; there would be no discoveries in any field of academics, there would be no structures or any sorts of transports, and we would always be dispirited …

How to Safeguard Your Intelligence

Every person has knowledge due to the fact that we are birthed with it. It’s how you apply it that makes the distinction. Moms and dads help in this regard as they can easily guide a young kid with chances to find out as well as be in advance of the pack.

Children’s Rights Abused by Brainwashing

Every kid has a right to be themselves, which consists of being cost-free to believe in their very own means regarding life and also who and also what has control over them. Normally parents have to assist them crazes of safety and also just how to eat correctly as well as care for their health. Yet what right has anyone to damage their minds with religious concepts, practices, and various other points that are nothing more than practices born of the dreams of guys from pre-historic times?

Concentration Can Lead You to Success

Concentration is among one of the most crucial powers one ought to have, as claimed by Haruki Murakami, to finish any job. Without any sort of focus, we would be hysterically switching in between a number of tasks and also not accomplish anything efficiently. If we learn to focus we would certainly not just complete our job, yet we would certainly finish it with precision.

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