a foundation for beginners forty four

A Foundation for Beginners Forty Four

So last week, I suggested that tactics wasn’t the be all, end all to good chess playing. It takes a balanced combination of chess skills to be a successful player….

5 reasons why attacking players should play 1 e4

5 Reasons Why Attacking Players Should Play 1.e4

Are you an attacking player, that always wants to do something ‘active’ in a position and hates maneuvering, prophylactic moves, and other non-essential activities? If you’d rather play a sharp,…

game 5 world chess championship match

Game 5: World Chess Championship Match

Ian Nepomniachtchi did quite well in the four previous games of the match. He had a slightly better position as White in the third game; he had chances to win…

game 4 world chess championship match 2021

Game 4: World Chess Championship Match 2021

It has been 5 years since the last decisive game in the classical games of the World Championship matches – 17 draws till this day. The fourth game of the…

ignore at your peril 2

Ignore at Your Peril (2)

“They ignore you now, but they’ll need you later”Unknown Having the chance to play a Grandmaster is a highlight for many of us. It is true the Swiss format have…

game 3 world chess championship match 2021

Game 3: World Chess Championship Match 2021

The third game of the match finished in a seemingly uneventful draw, but actually, the day brought a lot of interesting things to discuss. First of all, both of Nepomniachtchi’s…

first moves

First Moves

With a world championship match coming up, it might be interesting to look at how Stockfish would play the first few moves, and, therefore, what openings we’re likely to see…

game 2 world chess championship match 2021

Game 2: World Chess Championship Match 2021

If many people thought the first game of the World Championship match was interesting and exciting, the second game turned out to be a real thriller! Magnus Carlsen was determined…

game 1 world chess championship match 2021

Game 1: World Chess Championship Match 2021

The most awaited chess event of the year, the World Championship match, started today in Dubai. In the first game, the candidate Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia had White pieces against…

2021 world chess championship will magnus carlsen eat his own words

2021 World Chess Championship: Will Magnus Carlsen Eat His Own Words?

A few days before the 2021 World Chess Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi, Magnus said Fabiano Caruana or Ding Liren would have been more formidable opponents.  See…