chess 2022 february top picks

Chess 2022 – February Top Picks

“American Chess Magazine has been launched in November 2016 to help readers keep in touch with all the most significant happenings in the exciting world of present-day chess, both at…

averbakh variation

Averbakh Variation

Grandmasters are not especially noted for their longevity, but Yuri Averbakh, whose death at the age of 100 was announced the other day, was a notable exception. He will be…

halloween gambit opening guide for white black

Halloween Gambit (Opening Guide for White & Black)

The Halloween Gambit is a tricky opening for white to play in the Four Knights Game that treats black to an almost winning advantage as early as the fourth move….

a foundation for beginners sixty one

A Foundation for Beginners Sixty One

“There’s a lot of tension in that position dude!” I said that to two of my students upon viewing their middle-game. Tension and stress are a killer, both on the…

wayward queen attack defense for beginners

Wayward Queen Attack & Defense for Beginners

The wayward queen attack is a direct attack upon Black’s weakest square, f7, with White’s strongest attacking piece-the queen. White plays 2.Qh5 with an attack against Black’s e-pawn along with…

scandinavian defense complete guide

Scandinavian Defense: Complete Guide

Scandinavian Defense appears on the board after the moves 1.e4 – d5 and is one of the oldest recorded openings in chess. Its idea is very straightforward – right from…

the closed sicilian opening guide for white black

The Closed Sicilian Opening Guide for White & Black

Quick Summary The Closed Sicilian arises after the moves 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3. The opening is less played than the Open Sicilian and tends to be slightly more positional in nature….

the nimzowitsch defense a how to play guide as white black

The Nimzowitsch Defense: A How to Play Guide (as White & Black)

Quick Summary The Nimzowitsch Defense is a rare opening arising after the moves 1.e4 Nc6 The opening often transposes into other, more main line openings. Black does have some ideas…

latvian gambit opening guide for white black

Latvian Gambit Opening Guide for White & Black

The Latvian Gambit, or Greco Counter-Gambit as it is sometimes known, is an attempt to play a reverse King’s Gambit. The Latvian Gambit is thought to be the worst chess…

master chess web show 13

Master Chess Web Show (13)

This week’s edition of the Master Chess Web Show featured a return of special guest, GM Ray Keene, who gave us some fascinating insights into the 1978 World Championship match…