the 5 most popular chessable courses of all time

The 5 Most Popular Chessable Courses of All Time

With literally hundreds of courses now in the Chessable library, we couldn’t blame you if you were paralyzed by choice.  And with so many courses, it’s tough for us even…

mikhail botvinnik a chess giant

Mikhail Botvinnik – A Chess Giant

Mikhail Botvinnik was arguably the most influential world chess champion of the 20th century. A leading influence in the Soviet School of Chess, Mikhail Botvinnik brought a scientific approach to…

a foundation for beginners seventy two

A Foundation for Beginners Seventy Two

We’ll continue the game we start playing through a few weeks ago. I’m looking at this game and the moves we analyze through the eyes of a beginning player rather…

wir sind hier chessable now in german

Wir sind hier! Chessable Now In German

It’s been more than a year since we expanded our support for other languages, and a lot has changed since. However, your unwavering support has remained constant, and so has…

chessable announces the winner of create your own course contest season 2

Chessable Announces the Winner of Create Your Own Course Contest Season 2

All submissions have been reviewed, and the winner has been chosen for Season 2 of Chessable’s Create Your Own Course Contest! The contest was a unique initiative that allowed users…

what say you the 1 minute challenge 61

“What Say You?” The 1 Minute Challenge (61)

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer”Bruce Lee A quick reminder how it works: Have a look at…

wrong said fred

Wrong Said Fred

I have a question for you. Here are some positions from a tournament in which 30 games were played. How strong do you think the players were? In position 1…

10 things you can learn from mikhail botvinnik

10 Things You Can Learn from Mikhail Botvinnik

Mikhail Botvinnik is one of the classics every player should study. He was the 6th World Champion and held the title for almost 15 years, though not consecutive. But he…

learn how to attack in chess

Learn How to Attack in Chess

No matter your rating, you can learn how to attack in chess. There are guiding principles in chess for every aspect of the game, including how to attack in chess….

need sure points qgd 5 bf4 repetition edition

Need sure points? QGD 5.Bf4, repetition Edition

“If you want to play for a draw, don’t leave anything to chance. Just force either a completely drawn ending or a perpetual.”Magnus Carlsen The first game below is proof…