Winning Chess Opening: London System vs King’s Indian Defense

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shows you a winning chess opening for White against the King’s Indian Defense or the Pirc Defense setup where Black fianchettoes the kingside bishop, playing g6 and Bg7. More specifically, you will learn how to play the London System against the King’s Indian Defense setup after the opening moves: 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4 g6.

One of the main advantages of Black playing the King’s Indian Defense setup is that they have a strong control over the e5 square with the support of their d6-pawn and the bishop on g7. In fact, it almost takes over the control of the e5-square from White when they Black pushes their pawn to e5 themselves. This gives Black a rock-solid position against White’s London System.

But this opening variation will give you an easy and powerful attack on the kingside. Best of all, Black’s most played and natural moves are losing (Black gets a losing position in just 5 moves) and it works even against stronger opponents. Moreover, this setup also works with 1.e4 when Black plays the Pirc Defense with 1…d6 and fianchetto their kiingside bishop.

► Chapters

00:00 Winning Chess Opening for White After 1.d4
00:12 London System vs King’s Indian Defense Setup
01:29 Switching White’s plan with 3.Nc3
03:00 Simple & Powerful Kingside Attack
05:45 Proof: Black loses in most played moves
07:33 If Black plays Nc6 instead of Nbd7
08:45 Works also with 1.e4 against Pirc Defense
09:51 If Black tries to attack on the queenside
12:29 Backup attacking idea for White

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