World Chess Championship 2018 – Carlsen vs Caruana Critical Moments Part-2

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This is the second part of the lesson about the World Chess Championship 2018 between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. The RCA guest coach IM Asaf Givon analyzes the games of this WC Match, highlighting the crucial moments from different games, and how both players make decisions quickly and manage their time.

In this video, Asaf chose two of the most important games from the Tournament, the Game-8, in which Caruana had some winning chances, but failed to realize it; and the Game-10, in which Carlsen came up with a really nice way to attack Caruana on the kingside by distracting him on the queenside, but the American used his time effectively, thought really well and successfully defended against Carlsen’s plans.

It’s important to note that every single move matters in a chess game, especially, in a World Chess Championship Match, where the stakes can’t get any higher! Caruana played a slow and waiting move in the Game-8, 24.h3, that gave Carlsen just enough time to maneuver his queen to the kingside by playing 24…Qe8, stopping White’s plan of 25.Qh5, which would give some serious threats for Black. That’s how important decision making in critical positions is!

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